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Zombie Targets

One must always be prepared for the genre-bending zombie 🧟‍♂️ hordes. Harden your bud in preparation for the fluorescent green apocalypse and let slip the dogs of war!

Perfect for target practice of any kind, preferably axes.

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23andMe DNA Test

Your friend's ancestral lineage is no doubt as long and epic as their dating history. Confirm their nobility through a 23andMe DNA test.

Upgrade for an added $100 to also receive a health predisposition report, and give your bud the greatest gift: staying in your life forever. ❤️

Pyro Mini-Fireshooter

Shoot balls of fire from your empty hands for under $150. Let us say that again. Shoot balls of FIRE from your freakin' HANDS for under $150!!! IS THIS NOT THE FUTURE YOU AND YOUR BUD ALWAYS DREAMED OF? 🔥