Price Range


Under $25

Costs less than a pizza 🍕

$25 - $75

Costs less than a night out 🍻

$75 - $150

Costs less than a road trip 🚗

$150 - $300

Costs less than a cruise 🛳

$300 - $1000

Costs less than a flight ✈️


Costs less than a diamond 💎

Often we fall into a pattern of gifting the same old predictable, tired gifts to our closest pals. Spice things up by finding gifts that say “you’re better than a road trip 🚗 to Yosemite” or “hanging out with you is cooler than a flight ✈️ to Milwaukee.”

Introducing Pricing for the Rest of Us.

Best Buds has invented a new pricing technology that automagically™ compares product prices to the stuff you’re used to. Use the price of a delicious large pizza as your baseline and explore the wonderful world of friendship on your terms.

Your friendship is exceptional, make your gifts unique.