We believe Best Buds and the memories you share with them are what matter most in a long, healthy, and happy life. Science agrees.

Best Buds was founded by Jack and Wiggy, two kindred spirits who have been friends for 10 magical years. Like many BFFs, they talk almost daily about everything from James Bond’s best cars (the Toyota 2000GT) to the best burrito in Los Angeles (La Azteca Torterilla in East LA).

With a friendship stronger than Mjölnir, they’ve been brightening each other’s days with excellent gifts on every occasion. Birthdays. Holidays. Wednesdays. There’s no wrong time to be an amazing bud and buy a thoughtful gift.

Best Buds was started to find gifts that bring friends closer together. From fun ways to Stay In Touch to Kits built for great days together, we curate products and experiences that maximize big friendship energy.

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. We make an effort to share quality, highly-rated gift suggestions that buds will enjoy for years to come. All sponsored posts will always be clearly marked as Sponsored. The best friendships are built on trust, and we commit to being upfront and earning yours.

Best Buds, 10 Years Apart