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Star Trek Bluetooth Combadge

Standard equipment for all station personnel, this elegant communicator will connect to any phone, allowing the trekkie in your life to make and recieve calls, text messages, or interact with Siri, Google, Cortana, or Alexa. Just make sure they aren't wearing a red shirt. ☠️
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GoTenna Mesh

How do you find your bud when you're deep in the Amazonian rainforest, separated by five klicks of untamed jungle and big cats?

Like a modern Walkie Talkie, the new GoTenna Mesh lets you stay connected in the wild and send texts and GPS coordinates up to 4 miles away without a cell network. Survive, together!

COBRA Floating Walkie Talkie

Never get separated on your hiking adventures with a walkie talkie that is: water-resistant 💧, floats 🎈, and has a range up to 37 miles 🗺. That's more than enough to keep you in touch with your buds while camping, or as a common sense upgrade to dixie cups and string.

Spacetime Coordinates Memento

Cement a date, time, or moment shared between you and your ride or die in the immutable beauty of spacetime cast over metal. Each of these custom art prints and mementos celebrate your favorite junctures by measuring them against the alignment of the planets. Doesn't get more special than that. ✨😲✨