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Secret Hitler

Anyone familiar with party games Mafia or Werewolf will immediately recognize this fast-paced game of deception and betrayal. Set in 1930s Germany, players are assigned secret roles - liberals or fascists - by way of envelope, and must kill off the Nazis among them before it's too late. Lies and duplicity are encouraged. Nothing says a strong friendship like game-night treachery!
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The Kotobuki Drinking Game

Enjoy a drinking game fashioned in an alternate timeline of the Japanese Edo period. Collect your sake 🍶and spin the top to determine what Kabuki 👺 mask you drink from. Bottom's up!


Take Trivial Pursuit, add a dash of machiavellian wickedness, and you're left with this game of intelligence and subterfuge. Answer trivia questions to move your piece along the board, or your (former) friends' pieces back. 😈

Nothing like a little healthy competition to prove who is the greatest bud once and for all!